As journalism changes and evolves, so too do the tools we use to tell stories. Hear from three journalists who are complementing their publishing careers with, among other things, email newsletters. Learn how they build a paid following with new and emerging tools available online.

This free webinar was held Tuesday, May 3rd.

The evening’s panelists include: 

Jackie Bryant: Bryant was recently named Managing Editor of San Diego Magazine. Prior to that, she was a San Diego-based freelance journalist reporting mostly on the cannabis beat. In addition to reporting for a variety of local, state and national digital and print publications, she also writes the Substack newsletter Cannabitch, formerly a weekly column at the now-defunct alt-weekly San Diego CityBeat, is a newsletter covering cannabis culture.

Jodi Ettenberg: A former lawyer, Ettenberg traveled the world for a decade, sharing stories on her award-winning website Legal Nomads. After a lumbar puncture left her disabled in 2017, Jodi now writes about curiosity, resilience and the challenges of big life changes.

Mike Sowden: A former pottery worker-turned-archaeologist-turned-barista-turned-storytelling consultant-turned-freelance travel writer, Sowden now writes a paid newsletter about the science of curiosity – and it all seems to fit together at last. Read his current writing at Everything Is Amazing and absurdly long sciencey Twitter threads here.

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