Science reporting skills are evolving and covering issues while reaching audiences effectively is more important than ever.

Listen to three reporters meeting the challenges as they cover the issues: Gary Robbins, science and higher education reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune; Jonathan Wosen, STAT’s West Coast biotech and life science reporter and Melissa T. Miller, science and technology writer at Nerdist.

You can also listen to this panel as a podcast! Click here.

This free webinar was held Monday, November 28.


Gary Robbins

Gary Robbins covers science and higher education at The San Diego Union-Tribune.

His coverage ranges from the nature of COVID-19 to the evolution of climate change to emerging ways to monitor and explain wildfires, earthquakes and severe weather.

He studied journalism at Northeastern University in Boston and served as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT during the 2000-01 academic year. He also has taught journalism at USC and Long Beach State.

In January, Robbins will mark his 50th anniversary in journalism.

Jonathan Wosen

Jonathan Wosen is STAT’s West Coast biotech & life sciences reporter, based in his hometown of San Diego.

Prior to joining STAT in 2022, he was the biotech reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune, and he previously interned for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Knowable magazine, and STAT, among other places.

Jonathan holds a doctorate in immunology from Stanford and a master’s in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Melissa T. Miller

Melissa T. Miller is the science and technology writer at Nerdist.

She also hosts “science of” panels at pop culture conventions to connect the wonders of science to fictional storytelling.

Melissa previously worked at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, traveling across every ocean doing chemistry and sharing stories of life aboard research vessels.

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