Steve Padilla, editor of the Los Angeles Times’ showcase Column One feature, offered practical advice on how to make your writing tighter, brighter and more powerful. Drawing upon a variety of sources, from Column One to Harry Potter to Shakespeare, he presented a sentence-level seminar with tips on, among other things, anecdotes, endings, verbs and structure. The tricks Steve shared were not designed for bad writers or beginners; they’re the techniques he uses every day and useful for quick dailies as well as long-form narratives. Oh, and there might even be singing.

More about Steve:

Steve Padilla is editor of Column One, the showcase feature for storytelling at the Los Angeles Times. Padilla joined the Times in 1987 as a police reporter but soon moved on to editing. He helped guide the Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of a botched bank robbery in North Hollywood in 1997. He’s edited local news and, before overseeing Column One, was enterprise editor on the foreign-national desk. He serves as a writing coach and devotes his Twitter feed (@StevePadilla2) to writing technique. He also was a reporter with the San Diego Union (before it merged with the Tribune) and editor of Hispanic Link Weekly Report, a national newsletter on Latino affairs.


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