If our remote work environment has shown us anything, it’s that there are many powerful online tools that can help us be creative, collaborative, and to keep projects on deadline. Time efficiency is important when connecting to multiple audiences on various platforms.

Check out the San Diego Press Club’s first Membership Masterclass, focusing on the amazing online graphic design and layout software called Canva. The one-hour virtual workshop held on Thursday, May 6, 2021 on Zoom is valuable to both experienced and new-to-the-profession communicators with roles in journalism, social media, PR, and other adjacent disciplines.

Nicole Vargas, SDPC first vice president and an assistant professor of digital journalism at San Diego City College, guides you through the software and show the ways journalists and communications professionals are using it in their daily work.

More about the event:

Our new Membership Masterclass series is designed to present learning opportunities for our members based on industry trends and survey feedback. Audience members will learn:

  • Creating, posting and scheduling branded social media content
  • Tips for more efficient workflows and collaborations
  • How to add music and motion to static designs

There will also be an opportunity to get your specific questions answered as well.

This event is free to attend for San Diego Press Club members. Guests and non-members are $10.

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