This “Write Better Right Now” workshop is part of the ongoing Press Club “Nuts and Bolts” professional development series featuring veteran journalists.

Neal Broverman, digital editor-in-chief of The Advocate, and Mae Rude, staff writer at Out Magazine, shared “Write with Pride” writing tips for next “Write Better Right Now,” on Thursday, June 3.

About the event:

You will learn:

  • What are the strongest, most important stories being addressed now?
  • How important is it for journalists to understand how to use gender appropriate pronouns and why?
  • Best tips on writing about transgender people of all ages?
  • How is writing for an LGBTQ+ publication different than mainstream pubs?
  • Let’s talk about taboo language – what should we be aware of?

There will also be an opportunity to get your specific questions answered as well.

This event is free to attend for San Diego Press Club members, guests, and non-members. An optional donation of $15 is suggested to cover the nonprofit’s future programming and operational costs.


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