The minute of the COVID lockdown, it was obvious that producing the 47th Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards in 2020 was not going to be business as usual. We knew the event would not be in person, and certainly would not include our beloved restaurants and wineries. And even though it had to be virtual, knew that the program would without question have to be a San Diego Press Club production. It would be a stylish, polished, thoroughly professional production.

Then, on October 27th, after many sleepless nights, uncounted stress dreams and just exactly the right amount of miracles, we went live on the air from the San Diego Automotive Museum. Dozens of live and pre-taped (Zoom) elements flashed on the screen. And, from beginning to end, it was flawless. Over the next couple of weeks, it received more than 2,500 viewings on Facebook.

In early 2021, The One Club (formerly SDX, formerly The Ad Club) opened a contest  – “The COVID 19” for work that was created in spite of (or even because of) the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. We entered – and here you have it! The 47th Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards is one of 19 winners that were announced last week. Isn’t that fun?

Here is the link to the 19 winners, including the Press Club Awards.

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