Podcasting is a natural extension of our media universe and can provide an additional opportunity to explore angles and narratives that cannot be accomplished in a traditional broadcast newscast or on the printed page because of space limitations. Companies use podcasting to position their brands as industry thought leaders and provide valuable content to their audiences.

Podcasts have been around for nearly 20 years, but the format has only just entered the mainstream, within the last five years. Podcasts also reach people where they are and how they want to consume their information. Approximately 65% of podcasts are listened to on a mobile device. Since 2015, the number of monthly podcast listeners has grown 5-6% from year to year.

The latest installment of the San Diego Press Club’s Membership Masterclass featured Dr. Nathian Shae Rodriguez and Kinsee Morlan, who engaged in an in-depth discussion about Podcasting. Whether you are an active member of the media, a communications professional, or a podcast fan, you will not want to miss this event!

This Podcasting Webinar is sponsored by Scatena Daniels Communications

Our new Membership Masterclass series is designed to present learning opportunities for our members based on industry trends and survey feedback. Both presenters are journalism and media veterans and have successfully expanded their careers into podcasting.

Audience members will learn: 

  • Creating a podcast to tell a story or highlight specific themes, topics, industries
  • Recommendations on software and technology to improve podcast production
  • Tips on effective podcast promotion and audience engagement
  • What’s next in podcasting
  • And much more!

There will also be an opportunity to get your specific questions answered as well.

About Dr. Nathian Shae Rodriguez

Dr. Nathian Shae Rodriguez is a public speaker, podcast host, and an Associate Professor of Digital Media in the School of Journalism & Media Studies at San Diego State University. He specializes in critical-cultural and digital media studies, critical communication pedagogy, and pop culture pedagogy. His research focuses on minority representation in media, specifically LGBTQ and Latinx portrayals and intersectional identity negotiation, as well as pop culture, identity, radio broadcasting, and issues of masculinity/mascing. Dr. Rodriguez has 10 years of professional radio experience in on-air talent, sales, promotions, and social media marketing and is the host of the Sin Vergüenza podcast. Connect with Dr. Rodriguez on LinkedIn.

About Kinsee Morlan

Kinsee Morlan is an award-winning journalist who’s covered arts and culture in San Diego and Tijuana since 2005. She produces KPBS’ “Port of Entry” podcast and manages the rest of the station’s podcasts. Connect with Kinsee on LinkedIn.

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